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Making wise decisions regarding financial assets after divorce

Sometimes in the midst of a challenging divorce it can become difficult for spouses in Oklahoma to make the best decisions possible without some guidance. This is when having a legal representative can be particularly important. In many cases, it is property division and other money issues that spouses may find especially complex. However, there are some ways spouses can make sure the decisions they make when it comes to money in a divorce are good ones.

Boy taken from his grandparents' care in custody dispute

It is sad to say that sometimes a child's parents are so unfit that they are no longer able to serve as parents. It is in this situation that a guardian may be called in to take care of the child's needs. However, that is not to say that these decisions will be without controversy.

Marc Anthony's child support obligations to rise significantly

As some Oklahoma residents may find, changing a child support order can be a complicated ordeal. This is especially true when each spouse does not agree to the change. That being said, in some circumstances a child support modification can be reached.

New law will require parents to take a course before divorce

Child custody issues are often on the forefront of any parent's mind when it comes to divorce. Most parents want to help their children weather the divorce in as good a manner as possible. Yet some believe additional measures may need to be taken, for the sake of parents and children going through a divorce.

TV star wants sole custody of unborn child

What can a prenuptial agreement cover? The division of assets? Inheritances? Separating marital property from separate property? All of this may be true. Yet Oklahoma residents may be interested to hear that one television star wants to claim that another concept can be covered by prenuptial agreement: child custody.

Alimony and taxes are a hot topic for many spouses

One of the most interesting things about alimony -- also known as spousal support -- in our country is that it is considered taxable income to the receiving spouse. It is also tax-deductible to the paying spouse. Oklahoma residents may be surprised, however, to hear that, according to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), some spouses are cheating the system.

Divorce reforms on the table in some states including Oklahoma

The end of a marriage can be a time filled with strong emotions but the divorce process does not have to be unnecessarily complicated as a result. Forty years after no-fault divorce, some states are looking at ways to reduce the high numbers of marital dissolutions. Some argue that no-fault divorce favors the spouse wanting the divorce and disadvantaging the spouse that wants to remain married. For this reason, some argue no-fault divorce is unfair.

The national divorce rate increased from 1960 to 1980 from 9.2 divorces per 1,000 married women to 22.6 divorces per 1,000 married women which some might argue helped women, on at least some occasions, get out of abusive relationships at least in part due to no-fault divorce. Some divorce reforms have focused on encouraging parenting skills throughout the divorce process rather than eliminating no-fault divorce.

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