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What happens at a guardianship hearing in Oklahoma?

In order to be determined the legal guardian of a child in Oklahoma, the person seeking to be named a guardian must submit the appropriate forms to the court clerk, make a request to a judge to name the person as the child's guardian and attend a guardianship hearing. Today, we will go over what happens at a guardianship hearing.

Spousal support laws can vary greatly between states

Many married couples in Oklahoma may find themselves moving out of the state, and many couples married in other states move to Oklahoma. Moving during a marriage is not unusual. It could be due to a job transfer, to be closer to family or for many other reasons, both financial and personal.

Contested versus uncontested divorce in Oklahoma

When a married couple in Oklahoma makes the deeply personal decision to part ways, they may be able to work together to make decisions out of court regarding child custody, child support, alimony and property division. Doing so is known as an uncontested divorce, sometimes also referred to as a "waiver divorce."

In what situations may a prenuptial agreement be useful?

While it may not be romantic, some soon-to-be married couples in Oklahoma may find that before they walk down the aisle, drafting a prenuptial agreement is the responsible thing to do. In fact, there are several scenarios in which a prenup may be a useful means to protect the financial interests of both parties.

Challenging a voluntary acknowledgement of paternity in Oklahoma

When a child's parents are unmarried, and the child's mother has sole physical custody of the child, in general the child's father may be ordered to pay child support. However, before a child support order can be executed, paternity must be determined. One way paternity is established in Oklahoma is if the father signs a voluntary acknowledgement of paternity form, either in the hospital or shortly thereafter. Such a form indicates that the father agrees he is in fact the child's father.

What happens if a child's safety is threatened in Oklahoma?

The events leading up to a divorce can be intense and volatile. In the worst of circumstances, sometimes one spouse will threaten to harm the other spouse or their children. Are there any remedies for parents who fear for the safety and well-being of the child due to their partner's conduct?

Debt and divorce can go hand-in-hand in Oklahoma

It is an unfortunate fact that divorce and debt can go hand-in-hand. It is not unheard of for a spouse in Oklahoma to be surprised to learn during the divorce proceedings that the other spouse took out credit cards and other debts in the spouse's name without the spouse's agreement or even knowledge. Unfortunately, with that spouse's name on the account, that spouse could be responsible for paying off the debt. Spouses in such cases can contest the debt. If the spouse can verify that the debt was taken out without his or her permission, in some cases that spouse may not be responsible for it.

Focusing on children in Oklahoma child support cases

Child support is much more than a simple obligation to help with the basic costs it takes to raise a child. It is often the lifeline custodial parents need to provide the child with a well-rounded childhood. Therefore, when child support is not paid, it can have a profound effect on the child.

Cooperating with Child Support Services in Oklahoma

After a divorce, many custodial parents in Oklahoma turn to Child Support Services to obtain child support payments from the noncustodial parent. There are some steps parents can take to help the efforts of Child Support Services to collect child support.

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